October #WhatFuelsYou

A big thank you to Jon Schiff and Martha Montross for kicking off our #WhatFuelsYou Instagram feature in October. We loved learning more about these two incredible people and what fuels them. Here's a recap:

Jon Schiff: Juice Bartender and owner of Real Good Juice. Jon's passion is his work, sharing locally sourced products with the community. When asked #WhatFuelsYou he said, "My team and community. Building a space to help others eat and live a healthy and balanced life." In addition to making delicious juice, Jon has a great sense of humor and the names of his juices show it - Juicille Ball, Juice Springsteen, Juice-tin Bieber, to name a few. Here's how they were inspired in their naming: "We wanted to have fun with the menu. There is so much good stuff in locally sourced cold pressed juice we wanted to attempt and capture it in one name or story or message. It's not that easy when you're dealing with so many phytonutrients, active enzymes and minerals." Jon's favorite quote is "ME WE".

Martha Montross: HGTV Beach Flip winner and Associate Managing Director in private banking at the Private Bank. Martha's passion is home design and renovation. When asked #WhatFuelsYou she said, "Trying new things, staying busy and creativity." Martha's favorite quote is "It will never be perfect, but perfect is overrated. Perfect is boring." (Tina Fey). Martha starts every Friday morning with a Pilates session with the co-founder of Mindfuel Wellness, Jacquelyn Brennan. After this she is ready to tackle her day. One of her favorite places for home design inspiration is Jayson Home . Most recently, Martha and her fiancé, Alex, launched their new company website, Hunter Road Homes. Check it out - amazing things are coming from this dynamic couple.